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This article is a part of The Global Leadership Summit Faculty Spotlight series where we feature content from the upcoming #GLS20 speakers. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of what to expect from these amazing leaders!


The GLS team is excited to welcome Facebook’s Head of Faith-Based Partnerships, Nona Jones to the Summit stage! She will be sharing insights from her inspiring life journey in leadership. This post comes out of a recent GLSnext Event, where Nona shared a passionate and insightful message about how to exercise leadership on your social media platforms.


Most of us approach social media with a focus on our own goals, our own messages and our own agendas. We want people to support our programs.

But the reality is, most people aren’t all that interested in your stuff. They want to know that you care about their stuff. That’s why they are connected to you.

People desperately need to know that they matter to you. They are more than just a number. They are more than just a like.

They want to know that you actually care about them at the human level.



If you don’t have time to engage with the people who engage with you, then you don’t have time to lead them.

A following deserves a leader.

Instead of being so focused on how to build a following, you should be asking the question: “How do I get to know people on an individual level to make sure that they know that I care about them?”

Here’s how you do that:

  1. Respond to their comments with questions.
  2. Respond to their questions with questions.
  3. Facilitate a conversation.



Lead your following. Love your following. 

 Leadership is not a right. People don’t have to connect with us. They don’t have to like our postsSo, when people actually choose to connect with us, they are choosing to give a part of their life to us. And we have to demonstrate to them that we are worthy of their trust 

 We have to spend the time to respond to their comments with questions. 

 And here’s where it becomes very powerful. Learn to know your people so well that you can connect people with one another. 



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