Leading in a Multicultural World with Sam Collier

What is our call today in the midst of all the unrest and violence? To do justice, to love mercy and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It is to respond by doing what we can to make things right. It is to name what is wrong and unjust and not be content to let it continue to fester, multiply or even exist.

All around the world, multiculturalism is on the rise. Younger generations value diversity more than previous generations. Businesses and churches need to adapt and grow through the change.

In our current environment, we want to be very intentional about doing everything we can to learn and grow in the area of racial justice and diversity, recognizing the voices who bring years of experience and expertise to these topics.

Sam Collier is one of those voices.

Sam was on the staff of a black majority church when he felt called to join the staff of a white majority church. In this talk, Sam shares the lessons he learned and the practical rules of engagement for how to authentically increase diversity in your organization.

May his wisdom challenge and edify your leadership in this season, and beyond.


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