Levi’s Joins Stop Hate For Profit Facebook Boycott

The topic of canceling Facebook has been up for debate for years now. In 2017, Facebook confirmed via a case study of the election that groups had used the platform to sway the outcome in favor of Donald Trump, according to a CNBC timeline. And then came the Cambridge Analytica scandal, when it was reported that the political consulting firm accessed data from 87 million Facebook profiles in order to manipulate voters into supporting Trump’s campaign. The FTC investigated and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified (badly). Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the end of Facebook, and so on. Still, the company persevered. But now, we’re seeing firsthand just how powerful public opinion can be when committed to a common goal amidst the Black Lives Matter movement. This move by North Face, Patagonia, REI, and more prominent fashion companies could quite possibly force Zuckerberg to finally take action.

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Trupen Patel

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