50 Ways to Stifle Innovation

facepalm(With apologies to Paul Simon)


Say goodbye with a wave, Dave

Just get up and leave, Steve

Go for the kill, Bill

When you hear an idea.


Don’t try something new, Stu

Just do what you know, Joe

Don’t mess with success, Jess

Treat failure with fear.


Don’t share your concern, Bern

Don’t talk at all, Paul

Ignore the crew, Sue.

Keep working alone.


Adhere to the plan, Stan

Do things the same, Jane

Don’t rock the ship, Skip

You’re on your own.


Don’t use your head, Fred

Don’t use your brain, Kane

Don’t look outside, Clyde

We’re doing fine.


Don’t praise success, Wes

Punish mistakes, Jake

Don’t ever fail, Gail

Just stay in line.



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Trupen Patel

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