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A little bit of background

This was originally written with entrepreneurs in mind but it applies to others as well.

As an entrepreneur

You have a lot going on, no doubt!

You also know the important tasks and likely have a plan for the next few weeks, months or even years. Look at you! How stellar.

I mean you show up everyday. Some days you get a lot done and other days are rough, slow and lazy.

No biggie. At least you show up daily.

But let’s pause for a moment…

When you show up

Do you find yourself rearranging items on your todo list for that day so it looks perfect?

What about refreshing your email every 7 minutes to see if you can respond to a new email rapidly?

I don’t know about you but umm I have the tweaking and re-tweaking that stubborn CSS div on the oh-my-god-so-perfect-landing-page. And to be honest, I’ve been working on the same page for a tad-bit too long.

You know it. I know it. And yeah, yeah, whatever. There’s still marketing to do.

And writing.

And creating the email list. 

And selling.

👉 This is structured procrastination at work. It’s well talked about by Dan Ariely (a renowned Prof in the field of Behavioral Economics).

We spend lots of time on simple, easy-to-accomplish tasks and never getting to the important ones.

Because crossing off the simple ones give everyone a ✨dopamine boost✨ and makes you feel productive. But you are not.

Shooting for the small, easy tasks

You’d do anything to suppress that guilt that you should be working on another task - the important one.

How about finishing an item that you didn’t have on your list.

– Add it to your list.

– Then cross it off.

– Oh the feels 🥰.

“Didn’t come here to be attacked like that”

I know. But:

🌟Awareness is the first step.

🏃‍♂️Taking action is next.

🧐 Ask yourself: “what major task am I avoiding?”

Thanks for reading

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